Is a WIP resulting from over a decade of experimentation with various mediums to create electronic visual media both solo and in collaboration.

Isotope is built using the Unreal Tournament game engine
editor (UnrealEd v1).

The map embodies elements and techniques of VJ'ing developed over the years along with a host of open ended possibilities the engine has brought along with it.

Points of interest;
1. BSP holes allowing for video feedback like effects.
2. Use of transparencies to achieve multi layered
3. Walk, fly and ghost modes for moving around the
4. Use of weapons as light-sculpture generators.
5. Control of lens angle & focal length.
6. Control of time - clock speed.
7. Ability to pause time.
8. Use of animated bitmap textures.
9. And of procedural textures.
10. Multiple player camera angles t o cut to.
11. Variable speeds for player/camera movement.
12. 3d moire patterns.

Wish list (immediate);
1. Create custom bots.
2. And custom weapons.
3. User.ini file that alters user keyboard for vj
sessions and returns ini files back to orig state.
4. Gain access to game server to host vj version
online, inc audio streaming.
5. Midi control I/O
6. Create vj clan.
7. To put all the items (and more) that are in the wish list into the features list. :)

Development of this version may stop here with UT2004 being released, along with its UnrealTV capabilities and a host of advanced features which also encompass and also expand on the existing UT ones.

I may port this map into UnrealEd v2 and retro-fit it for UT2004; Aiming for a release during the DAS/ACMI collaboration. Stay tuned!

Check out sample output.

Download VJ-iSOtope144 VJ'ing version..
Download [CTF]-iSOtope144 Gaming version..

On 15th July a paper by Adem Jaffers was presented at the Free Play 2005 independent game developers conference hosted by Next Wave Festival and held at ACMI.

A music-video was created in real-time (using the VJ-iSOtope144 engine) for the SWMen album
'A Binary Input to Flesh Antenna'; see Discogs ref.