:[ v j m a n d a l a ]:

:[ b i o ]:
e x h i b i t i o n
Like what is says :)  
:[ e x h i b i t ]:
b i o g r a p h y

A detailed list of all events performed @ since 1990. Includes raves, clubs, talks, exhibitions, festivals & live bands; local, abroad & off world.

:[ r o b o t i c s ]:
r o b o t i c s
The Reality-Engine: Experimentation with lego robotics, to create video feedback. Programed in LOGO using Dacta software.
:[ p o d ]:
p o d s
Custom Amiga hardware performance patches for experimentation with multi-layered imagery & video feedback  
:[ r e a l t i m e ]:
r e a l t i m e
Live recordings since the early 1990's of performances @ home, parties, exhibits or on C31 public-teevees Cyberthon events.  
:[ i S O t o p e 1 4 4 ]:
i S O t o p e 1 4 4
VJ-iSOtope144: A pototype VJ performace game mod UN-realised in UEd.  
:[ d a s ]:
Virtual formulations lab to develope a proposal to hold a VJ event @ ACMI/FedSQ in 2005/6.  
:[ s w m ]:
  A 40min Limited Edition DVD created with iSOtope144 for Shoalin Wooden Men's,
'A Binary Input to Flesh Antenna' CD;
released on Psy-Harmonics. Samples A orB
:[ j j j a ]:
  An organic jam session - between VJ Mandala & Fairy Blue Bell - which is still in constant fractal evolution :)  
:[ m u t a n t ]:
  Music created by Mutant (aka Mandala) during the past 5 years.
Check out the mp3 site.
:[ a u t o t a u n t ]:
  4|_|t0t4|_||\|t is a Machinima video created by [SSC]dOs (aka Mandala) for the SSClan using UT. Recorded online and edited to music (created by) Mutant.  
:[ m m ]:
  The Melodie Mars FMV was created by Ad3m as a demo for the Melodie Mars DJ battle game.  
:[ c y b e r t h o n ]:
  Original website designed by null_dev (modified by Mandala) for the live Cyberthon VJ broadcast jam events held on C31 Public-TV in the early 2 mid 90's.  
:[ a r t ]:
  Some UT game clan related art;
sigs, splash pages, funny shit etc.
:[ s e t i ]:
  My PC has been searching for Alienz for Seti@home for a few years now. 100+250 unit certificates. 2119 pre-Boinc units @ 2,2698 hours; No Alienz as yet! I think!!  
:[ t a t t o o ]:
  My tattoo. A translation of my birthday into varius cultural symbols.
Ink'd by Rio in Long Beach Cal 1999.
:[ t l e ]:
Tiny Little Engines of Creation - PSY.
Music Video - experimentation in audio to visual transposition - 1998.